Friday, 10 May 2013

This is one of our 1920's style chair upholstered in full Aniline hide from Andrew Muirhead leathers. 

Our frames are all made with solid Beech this one has Ash show wood the grain is like oak but finer.
 Leather cut for the arms.
 Arms now in place leather takes more work than fabric as it is a natural product and stretches and moves, but the finish is fantastic and you do not have a pattern to match.

 Seat and front border going on.
 Hard to see but the inside back has fitted gussets so the leather clears out properly round the curve of the arms.
 Outside arms are on, just the back to go.
Bottom piece on.
 Cardboard covers round the legs so we can finish polishing.
 Front facings fitted.
 Feather cushions made to size.
 Sewing the cushions in leather, especially when piped, is the hardest work so many thickness of hide together are very hard to manage.

The Finished chair very pleased at the result the great thing about good leather it only gets better as it wears, hope you like.